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Payroll & Paye

Correctly implemented pay systems will pay off in the long run

As the employer, you are responsible for making sure Payroll is complete on time. Getting deductions like paternity, maternity and loans right will never need to be a worry again. We can relieve you of the stress, leaving you with time to concentrate on running and expanding your business.

With the introduction on RTI (Real Time Information) effective as of the 6th April 2013, the way your PAYE information is reported is changing. This is a mandatory change, so we've created a page detaling everything you need to know about RTI.

We can provide a bespoke package for your business including services such as:

  • Payslips for employees.
  • Monthly, quarterly, bi-annually and/or yearly summaries.
  • Department reports.
  • Leavers and starts processing.
  • Analytics of staff costs.
  • PAYE Returns for HMRC.
  • Set up of automated payments for employees.
  • Construction Industry Scheme Returns.
  • Employer Annual Return P35.
  • Employee summary P60 & P14.
  • Benefit and expenses returns P11D & P9D.
  • RTI management replacing P35/P14.

We can also advise on employment tax issues including:

  • Tax efficient reimbursement strategies.
  • Retirement planning.
  • Incentive/Inducement payments.
  • Business car and van strategies.
  • Benefits planning.


We provide a health check that targets any PAYE issues before the taxman finds them. We can also provide similar services to the below for Construction Industry Schemes. Should you wish to use our check service prior to a visit, just call us to schedule a convenient time.

Our health check is able to:

  • Review your payroll records for any mistakes and sample check them.
  • Spot-check areas where most common errors are found by PAYE inspectors.
  • Analyze and spot-check your completed PAYE returns and all starters and leavers.
  • Review all tax credits and payroll deductions including SSP, SMP, Student loan deductions etc.
  • Identify any worker status issues that may be an issue.
  • Check your year-end returns once completed.
  • Review of benefits, expenses disclosures and allocations, and all calculations.
  • Highlight PAYE planning possibilities.


If you're curious as to the tax advantages of contracting and would like to find out more about the different possible scenarios, please contact us for a free consultation.

We can offer full services for contractors, including:

  • Company Formation.
  • Personal/Company Tax Returns, Vat Returns and PAYE Returns.
  • Annual accounts and Bookkeeping.
  • Company Secretary Service.
  • Tax computations.
  • Contract reviews for IR35 status.
  • Provision of anti IR35 draft contracts.
  • Handling IR35 Disputes.

There are many factors to consider in determining if a contractor is caught by the IR35 legislation. The amount of Case Law in this area makes matters not so black and white. This can see the Taxman mistaken and we can argue your case for you. Getting this wrong can see costly amounts through penalties, employees and employers national insurance, not to mention the interest. We can review the arrangements you have in place while provide help in drafting contracts to make sure that everything is as watertight as possible they may prove to be in an attack from HMRC.

Important matters to consider in such an instance:

  • Control
  • Your right in obtaining a substitute or helper to work the job.
  • Mutual obligations.
  • Provision of Equipment.
  • Financial risk factors.

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