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TAX Services

Tax doesn't need to be taxing

Tax is a vast field and understanding the complexities of it can be an obstacle in it self. We help you manage and plan your taxes to not only understand your position and liabilities, but to action the best ways possible making sure you do not pay a penny more then is necessary.


We provide tax services to both private individuals and business owners alike. These services include:


Whether you're looking to invest in buy to let properties or become a property dealer or developer, we can help guide you through the maze of property tax. We can advise and help you resolve such issues as:

  • Rental income Tax reduction planning.
  • Highlighting which aspects may be considered as deductibles while identifying capital.
  • The appropriate usage of a Limited Company for tax savings.
  • Capital Gain advice and considerations against trading income.
  • Planning of Stamp Duty.
  • Mortgage Structures of Tax efficiency.
  • Property deals including considerations of VAT.
  • Optimising usage of the Principal Private Residence election.
  • Selling part of your residence and the Tax issues involved.
  • Secondary homes.
  • Inheritance Tax angles.


While minimizing tax liabilities, through wealth succession planning we look to make sure a simple and smooth transition to the next generation is achieved. We can advise on:

  • Your estate planning should it be nearly at the nil rate band or even many times greater.
  • Alleviation techniques for inheritance tax on family homes/businesses and investment portfolios.
  • Wills or lifetime transfers.


As the regime of Self Assessments if full of penalties, HMRC enquiry powers are extensive. For peace of mind, we ensure that the returns are correctly completed in good time and that all backup records are kept for the required period of time.

We can provide the completion of Tax Returns for:

  • Sole traders and Self Employed individuals.
  • Partnerships and Limited Companies.

We can further assist you in this field with:

  • Advice on your tax duties.
  • Corresponding and negotiating with Collectors if and where necessary.
  • Highlighting beneficial tax planning breaks.
  • Completion of all tax calculations.
  • Acting as first point of contact in dealing with HMRC, taking the stress off your shoulders.


As important as tax returns and statutory obligations in tax are, you should be in the hands of accounting firm that can not only make you fully aware of you liabilities and tax position, but who are also interested in capitalizing your tax planning opportunities. There are numerous tax saving methods within the legal framework and we aim to help you take advantage of them where applicable. We have a vast experience in this area and we aim to make sure our clients do not pay a penny more then is necessary.

We can help with Tax Planning for:

  • Personal Tax.
  • Business Tax.
  • Beneficial Tax remuneration strategies for employees.
  • VAT matters.
  • Inheritance Tax.
  • Capital Gains Tax.
  • Strategies for profit extractions.
  • Exit Strategies.

As well as our vast experience in this area, we have extensively invested into reference materials and specialist software which allow us access to tax Legislation, Tax Cases and the internal HMRC guides and manuals along with detailed commentary on all taxes, both indirect and direct. This ensures we are able to research any tax topic that may be required in light of identifying the best way to help you legally save tax. In all Tax Planning strategies, we use Tax Legislation and Case Law to ensure you are not at additional risk from a HMRC enquiry, or when there are risks, these are clearly highlighted for you. Many new clients are frequently surprised at how much we have been able to help them in their tax position, but this is what we enjoy doing. We are willing to go the extra mile to make sure you benefit from our thorough work.


Tax isn't always black and white. As unfortunate as it may be every now and then, there may be a disagreement between the taxpayer and HMRC. As a taxpayer you have many rights and in dispute we are sure they are never forgotten by HMRC. Whether it is the case facts in question or the legislation itself, we have specialist tax knowledge and we are happy to argue your case in the strongest terms possible.

Disputes may arise in many areas outside of full investigations or enquiries:

  • Employment Status.
  • Capital vs Repairs.
  • Private use adjustments.
  • Capital allowances.
  • Valuations for tax purposes.
  • Trading activity.
  • Business VAT segregation in avoidance of registrations.
  • Employee benefits.


Enquiries and investigations may be carried out at random or for a specific reason. Having expert defense is key in making sure your not trampled over. Expert defense is an accountant that knows how HMRC works and thinks and we're confident in our knowledge of this area to be able to help you. We will talk you through the process, advise you of what to expect and we will be there to support you throughout. We will make sure the Taxman doesn't step over his internal guidelines.


The penalties that can be sought by HMRC can be unpleasant to say the least. Undeclared income can see you having to pay the tax, a penalty sometimes equal to that amount of tax and then the interest on the late payment as well. Not a pleasant experience to say the least, but we aim to aid you in reducing these penalties.

Anti-investigation Scans:

Although random investigations can see anybody come under enquiry, we can help you avoid an investigation for other reasons. We know the key points that can raise enquiries, if not explained to HMRC when submitting the returns to them in the first instance. Every submission is put through an anti-investigation scan to identify any area that may lead to an enquiry without explanation. Our primary focus here is prevention from the outset and with these methods, we can really help minimize your chances of an enquiry.


As the work during an investigation is substantial, whether HMRC find anything through an investigation or not, you can still be left with unexpected professional fees to pay as a result. Despite our best efforts in minimizing your chances of being investigated, we can also assist you on obtaining cover for the following enquiries:

  • Self-Assessment.
  • VAT.
  • PAYE.
  • IR35.

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