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VAT Services

If time is more valued then money, let us waste no time

VAT can be a complex matter with stringent compliances that need to be adhered to in order to prevent any fines or penalties. Whether itís a health check of your current records, planning, registration or completion of returns, we offer a bespoke service to ensure whatever level of involvement and help you require is met.


The aim of our healthcheck is to identify any issues that are present before submission. We want your registrations, submissions or queries to be correct from the get go to save time with the Vatman!

Our healthcheck can:

  • Analyse and spot-check your account records for any inconsistencies and errors.
  • Test the most common areas in your records that are regular errors found by VAT inspectors.
  • Statistically analyse your completed VAT returns.
  • Cross check your VAT returns against your annual accounts.
  • Analyse your VAT treatment on your sales.
  • Ensure that the relevant VAT schemes are being used to their upmost potential while correctly following the rules.
  • Identification of VAT planning opportunities.


We help identify the best advantages of reliefs and regulation interpretations. As VAT compliance is an increasingly complex matter and investigations from the Vatman can be consuming, we strive to ensure successful negotiation in all cases. We identify this as an important part of our services to ensure all of our clients, peace of mind.

Ways we can help with VAT:

  • Apply and advise for VAT registration.
  • Identify which VAT schemes are applicable to your business.
  • We can complete your VAT returns from various methods as detailed further below.
  • Handling VAT control visits.
  • Handling of disputes with Customs.


Ways we can help with registration:

  • Advise on whether registration is necessary or beneficial.
  • Completion and submission of all relevant VAT registration forms and formalities.
  • Depending on the VAT schemes implemented, you may or may not have to notify HMRC. We can advise on which are best implemented in your case.


Many VAT investigations or disputes can be intense; all the more important that your VAT returns are completed correctly. We offer a variety of ways in which we can ensure your VAT return is completed correctly and in good time to avoid any penalties.

Ways we can assist with your VAT return:

  • Should you wish to use our bookkeeping services, while having these records to hand we can ensure a correct and prompt completion of the VAT return.
  • You can give us your books and we can complete the return for you.
  • We can provide training on how to complete your VAT return.

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